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Our Retaining Wall Design & Build Process

Retainer walls do more than just hold back dirt. They can be a central accent piece to your outdoor space. We build our retainer walls with precision, care, and art so that they are safe, durable, and add value to your outdoor living.

When people think of retaining walls, usually they invision one that is built to hold back a hillside. While this is one function of a retaining wall, there are many new styles and functions of retaining walls.

  • Accent Walls
  • Defining Walls
  • Free Standing Walls
  • Knee Walls
  • Seat Walls
  • Walls For Raised Planting Beds
  • Walls To Direct Traffic Or Guests
  • Walls To Replace Fences
  • Walls With Built In Seating

Walls can be made from many different materials including natural stone, brick and man made products.

Timber Creek Custom Outdoor Living builds custom retaining walls in every size, shape and configuration that our clients desire. We offer a wide variety of designs, styles, and materials. Available materials come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors and can be installed in many different ways.

Decorative Retaining Walls

While some retaining walls are constructed for engineering purposes such as retention due to grade changes, free standing wall retaining walls can natural stone caps as well as lighting to modify the ambiance of the space. One of the more popular applications is to border a new pation while adding additional seating for you and your guests. Free standing walls can also be used to define your outdoor living spaces.

If you can dream it – our retaining wall professionals can design and build it!

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We will help you custom design and build the retaining wall and outdoor space of your dreams – we offer a variety of designs to help you create a design and function that you will love.